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科技达人的困惑 找一台能干正事的平板电脑-PG电子官方网站

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本文摘要:My iPad is with me every night when I doze off to sleep, it entertains me on long flights and keeps me informed during my morning commute. But when it comes to real work, the tablet fails me.我每天晚上在倦意中睡去的时候都抱着我的iPad,坐飞机长途旅行时它是我的娱乐工具,早上坐车去下班的路上它让我知悉天下大事。

My iPad is with me every night when I doze off to sleep, it entertains me on long flights and keeps me informed during my morning commute. But when it comes to real work, the tablet fails me.我每天晚上在倦意中睡去的时候都抱着我的iPad,坐飞机长途旅行时它是我的娱乐工具,早上坐车去下班的路上它让我知悉天下大事。可是一到确实挣钱的时候,这台平板电脑却令其我大失所望。If Im writing long emails or working on office documents, I want a larger screen, a roomy keyboard and the ability to easily juggle programs. The iPad doesnt cut it. Now, though, there are tablets that are literally standing up to the productivity challenge. Samsungs Galaxy Note Pro tablets are just hitting shelves, including a $749 model with a 12.2-inch screen and optional keyboard dock. Then there are Microsofts Surface tablets, which are heavily promoted as the most productive tablets.如果我在写出一封长长的电子邮件或在用于office文档,那么我就必须更大的屏幕、宽阔的键盘以及在多项程序中转换的能力。


三星(Samsung)的Galaxy Note Pro系列平板电脑刚上市,其中一款12.2英寸显示屏、配备键盘底座的机型售价为749美元(约合人民币4,568元)。还有微软公司(Microsoft)的Surface平板电脑系列,该系列产品被大肆宣传为“工作效率最低的平板电脑”。But are any really as good as a laptop? To find out, I hid my MacBook Air under the bed and replaced it with four tablets paired with keyboard covers.然而,是不是平板电脑可以确实和笔记本媲美的?为了搜个到底,我把我的苹果笔记本MacBook Air藏到床下,用四台备有键盘垫的平板电脑取而代之。In addition to the Android-powered Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, I borrowed two Windows 8.1 tablets, the Surface Pro 2 and Nokias Lumia 2520. Microsoft has two tablet operating systems -- one for heavy computing and one for lighter work -- so I wanted to try both flavors. I didnt want to ignore the most popular tablet, so I paired an iPad Air with Logitechs Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard cover.除安卓系统(Android)驱动的12.2英寸的Galaxy Note Pro之外,我还借了两台加装Windows 8.1系统的平板,即Surface Pro 2和诺基亚(Nokia)的Lumia 2520。

微软公司有两种平板操作系统――一种用作高强度的计算出来,另一种用作精彩点的工作――因此两种滋味我都想要尝试一下。我想冷遇最热门的 平板,所以我给一台iPad Air用上了罗技科技公司(Logitech)的超薄蓝牙(Ultrathin Bluetooth)键盘垫。

I concentrated on the four aspects where my laptop continues to beat tablets: multitasking, text input, business-app selection and that delicate balance of speed and battery life.我专门测试的是笔记本依然比不上平板的四个方面:多任务处理、文本输出、商务应用程序自由选择以及速度与电池寿命之间的错综复杂均衡。Multitasking多任务处理I mostly toggle between email, a Web browser, a word processor, Skype and a Twitter app. My software needs may be tablet friendly, but I rely on keyboard commands, trackpad gestures and other shortcuts to maximize my multitasking.我主要是在电子邮件、网页浏览器、文字处理程序、Skype(网络语音通讯工具――学术著作)和推特 (Twitter)应用程序之间展开转换。我的软件市场需求或许平板电脑都是反对的,但我得倚赖键盘命令、触控板手势以及其它快捷方式来仅次于程度地继续执行多重任务。When it came to moving between programs, the Galaxy Note Pro had some good tricks. I arranged up to four apps on the large high-resolution display (though two fit best), and switched between full-screen apps by using the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut.在程序间展开切换的时候,Galaxy Note Pro有些智讨。

我在大大的高分辨率显示屏上布列了多达四个应用程序(虽然两个是最差的 ),通过用于Alt + Tab快捷键就可以构建应用程序间的全屏转换。It sure beat using the iPad, which displays one app at a time and requires you to press the home button twice to switch apps. The Logitech keyboard and its shortcuts didnt help much.这当然比用iPad强劲。iPad一次不能表明一个应用程序,你必须按home键两次才能转换应用程序。


罗技键盘和它的快捷方式没起多大起到。But it was the Windows tablets that let me multitask the fastest, locking apps side by side, or quickly toggling between them with keystrokes. Unlike the $499 Nokia, the $899 Surface Pro 2 has a full version of Windows 8.1 -- with wider support for Windows software and greater use of the traditional desktop. I set up the tablet with my preferred classic Windows layout and could plug in a full-size keyboard and mouse, and up to four HD displays. Thats important since the classic interface isnt optimized for a 10.6-inch screen.但是多任务处理速度最慢的是加装Windows系统的平板,无论是两边瞄准应用程序还是敲打键盘在应用于间较慢转换。与售价499美元(约合人民币3,043元)的诺基亚平板有所不同的是,售价899美元(约合人民币5,483元)的Surface Pro 2加装有“几乎”版本的Window 8.1系统――可以取得更加普遍的Windows软件反对及更加多传统台式机的用于体验。

我把这台平板设置成我青睐的经典Windows页面布局,可以终端全尺寸的键盘和鼠标以及多达四台的高清显示器。这一点很最重要,因为经典的界面未针对10.6英寸的屏幕展开优化。Text Input文本输出There was a tie for best keyboard. I was able to type 82 words a minute on the Surface Pro Type cover and the Galaxy Note Pros keyboard cover, slightly down from my usual 92 words a minute. The Samsung keyboard was the closest in size to my laptops, though my fingers felt most at home on the Surfaces firm, backlit keys. (Both tablets also come with a stylus, which proved useful during meetings, converting my handwriting into text.)最佳键盘之中选不分伯仲。我在Surface Pro和Galaxy Note Pro的键盘垫上一分钟可以敲打82个单词,额多于我平时一分钟敲打的92个单词。


)I typed 80 words a minute on the Nokia keyboard case, and 72 on the iPads Logitech cover. All of these let me type faster than on a screen. The keyboard cases did share one problem: They dont sit on laps very well. They all at some point did an Olympic-style dive off my legs.我在诺基亚键盘盒上一分钟敲打了80个单词,在iPad的罗技键盘垫上的速度为一分钟72个单词。所有这些键盘让我的打字速度都比在屏幕上输出慢。键盘盒显然也不存在一个通病:它们无法很好地睡在腿上,到某个时候全都要从我的腿上作出奥运会式的体操动作。

App Selection应用程序自由选择Each tablet except the Surface Pro comes with productivity software. Samsung provides third-party apps that look like exact copies of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The iPad includes Apples Pages, Keynote and Numbers. If you want the real deal, Microsoft Office comes preloaded on the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. (With the Surface Pro, you have to buy Office separately.)除Surface Pro外,每款平板都自带有工作效率软件。三星获取的第三方应用程序看起来貌似Word、PowerPoint和Excel。iPad装有苹果的Pages、Keynote和Numbers。

如果你想货真价实的东西,诺基亚Lumia 2520平板上笔记本电脑有微软公司办公软件(Microsoft Office)。(至于Surface Pro,你必需分开出售Office应用程序。)The app selection gets more dicey when it comes to job-specific software or accessing a company network. There are now iPad and even Android versions of business software, but you have to check first.当牵涉到明确工作软件或者终端公司网络的时候,应用程序的自由选择就更加具备不确定性了。

现在早已有用作iPad甚至安卓版本的商务软件了,但你必需再行展开按规定。If your work relies on specialized software that hasnt been updated in a while, stick with the Surface Pro.如果你的工作倚赖的专业化软件有一段时间没升级了,Surface Pro是不二之中选。Speed and Battery Life速度与电池寿命I expected the tablets to need Red Bull to keep up with my daily routine, including having 10 or more websites open at once, yet they held their own. That said, the Galaxy Note Pro was occasionally slow to launch and switch apps. The Surface Pro, with its Intel Core i5 laptop-class processor, was the peppiest.我原本预计这些平板电脑都必须喝红牛饮料(Red Bull)才能赶得上我日常工作的节奏,还包括同时关上10个或更加多的网站,然而它们的展现出都可圈可点。尽管如此,Galaxy Note Pro在启动和转换应用程序的时候有时候有点快。

装有英特尔酷睿(Intel Core)i5笔记本电脑处理器的Surface Pro启动速度是最慢的。But the Surface Pros power comes with a big sacrifice in battery life, not to mention size. The half-inch-wide, 2-lb. Surface was out of juice after 5.5 hours, while the thinner iPad and Galaxy Note Pro streamed video for over nine hours, and the Lumia chugged along for nearly eight.但是Surface Pro的强大能力是以壮烈牺牲电池寿命为极大代价的,更加别提它的尺寸大小了。这款半英寸薄(约合1.27厘米)、两重达(约合0.9公斤)的Surface在用了5.5小时之后就没电了,而厚度更加厚的iPad和Galaxy Note Pro播出视频的时间多达了九个小时,Lumia坚决了将近八个小时。

While the Galaxy Note Pro fared admirably, the Surface Pro did the best in multitasking, text input and software compatibility. Still, I wouldnt prefer it over my MacBook Air, or any 13-inch Windows laptop. And as a tablet, it falls behind most competitors. The more useful for work these devices become, the further they get from being really good tablets, which means it might take awhile before that perfect all-in-one device arrives. Until then, youll find a tablet on my nightstand -- and a laptop in my lap.虽然Galaxy Note Pro的展现出令人钦佩,但在多任务处理、文本输出和软件兼容性方面做到得最差的毕竟Surface Pro。尽管如此,我对它的讨厌程度依然不及我的苹果MacBook Air笔记本或者任何一款13英寸的Windows系统笔记本电脑。而且从平板电脑的功能上来说,它也领先于大多数竞争对手。